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The Bitcoin design calendar

Join community calls, design reviews, project discussions and other events. Our calendar makes it easy to stay in the loop. Calls are open for anyone to join, and you can choose how much you want to participate.

What’s in the calendar?

How to subscribe

Add our calendar (an .iCal file) to via your favorite calendar tool via the following steps:

  • Copy this URL:
  • In Apple Calendar (desktop), use File -> New calendar subscriptions
  • In Google Calendar (web), click the small + icon next to Other calendars in the sidebar and select From URL
  • Paste the URL and save. New events (if there are any scheduled) should show up right away
  • In Thunderbird (desktop), New Calendar > On my network > iCalendar (ICS) and paste the calendar link in the location field.
  • Calendar tools regularly reload subscribed calendars for updates. How often this happens varies by tool

Adding your own event

  • Ensure the event is relevant to the broader community
  • Create a new issue using the call template
  • The issue needs to include a UTCTime meta property following this format: UTCTime: 2020-10-14 9:00 UTC -7. You can seen an example here
  • A maintainer needs to add the call label to the issue (this prevents spam)
  • The calendar auto-updates whenever a new issue is created, or an existing issue is edited
  • If you Watch the BitcoinDesign/Meta repo, you will also get emails when new events are created


Transcripts of some calls are available at You can contribute to both creating transcripts via an automated script, and to reviewing them.