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Grid of images from the Bitcoin Design newsletter content

The Bitcoin Design Newsletter

Don’t have the time to keep up with all the activity of bitcoin designers in and around Discord? Quickly catch up with the newsletter. Every 3 weeks, you get a concise summary of recent activity in your inbox.

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Previous issues

The newsletter has been published since October 2020. Here are a few special issues:


We use the #spread-the-word channel in Discord to coordinate around the newsletter. We keep a draft document (template) around with public editing rights that everyone can add content to. A few days before publishing, the editors review the draft and start working on the final version. Note that it is up to the discretion of the editors to decide what will be posted.

Once posted, the newsletter is shared in #general and on Twitter. We also discuss the content in more detail in our community calls (example recording), which are scheduled the same day of the newsletter release.

The newsletter is currently managed by Mo and Christoph. Anyone is welcome to join. Shout-out to previous editors Johns and Conor for their contributions.

We are always open to feedback and ideas to make the newsletter more useful and impactful.


The newsletter is structured like a series of bullet lists, organized into different types of content, as follows:

  • Community - calls, current events, member activity
  • Bitcoin design guide - update on ongoing work on the guide
  • Seeking feedback - give visibility to members who are looking for input
  • Everything else - external activity that relates to the community

Within each category, we use bullet lists to briefly summarize each item. Each point should be short and to the point. Light editorializing is OK.

The top of each edition starts with an image that serves as a visual summary of the text content. The image is split into a grid of 8 units, each one showing a screenshot or other visual of a bullet item.

The newsletter is hosted via Substack.