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Bitcoin Design on social media

We have Twitter and Nostr accounts for the Bitcoin Design Community at @bitcoin_design and (link only works if you have a Nostr client installed) respectively. We highlight project activity, design work and discussions from the community, announce newsletter releases and host our community calls via Twitter Spaces.

Follow on Twitter

Find us on Nostr via or our public key: npub13s5mxgws70rpxsug96jfvglggackjrxs2ehypwg0prjaxsek42sqd9l03e


The accounts are currently loosely managed by Mo and Christoph. We’d love to have more contributors. If you’d like to help out, reach out in #spread-the-word.

Shout-out to our previous posters Alexa and Doc Sharp.


These are our current writing guidelines for social media.

Voice, tone & writing style
  • FOR things, promote solutions, use positive language
  • Not AGAINST things, don’t use negative language
  • Inform & educate
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Friendly & approachable
  • Succinct
  • Use threads with each post capturing one idea/point
Content ideas
  • Guide highlights: When new content is added to the guide, create a new thread on the additions (or re-post the authors threads - probably better)
  • Designer spotlight: Highlight a designer in the community and share a short story about them / why they like bitcoin / what they work on etc.
  • Announce calls and call recordings (learning bitcoin & design, design review, community call…)
  • Quick user research and polls for community projects
  • Respond to current design-related conversations (e.g. post a link to the Units & Symbols page if there’s a thread somewhere around unit formatting)
  • Add context to posts when re-posting them, to add value
  • OK to highlight when products, services, and brands adopt strategies from the Guide, or do things that’s good for open source bitcoin or open design processes
  • Criticize projects or people (if you must, use your personal accounts)
  • Promote a specific product over others (if you must, use your personal accounts)
Good examples
  • ABC Wallet just launched a new version with an improved UI. It’s a perfect example of techniques from the Onboarding section of the Guide!
  • Just wrapped up another awesome design sprint with XYZ Wallet. Thanks for being so open to collaboration with the Bitcoin Design Community!
  • Several members of the Design Community participated in this podcast about DEF Wallet to talk about Lightning backups. What do you think about this topic?
  • MNO Exchange just launched an initiative to provide grant funding to people working on open source bitcoin projects. Calling all designers!
Bad examples
  • GHI Wallet has a pretty bad UI. Shame they haven’t read the Guide.
  • Gee, JKL Wallet, would it kill you to join a Design Review call?
  • PQR Wallet is the best. You should all download it now!
  • STU Wallet has a promotion going on where you can get free sats for downloading their app.