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We don’t just chat about design. We also actively improve design in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Projects launched by community members often focus on creating design resources. With collaborations, we try to help other Bitcoin projects improve their products’ design and user experience. For more details, see our Collaboration and Project documents. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out directly to the projects below, or reach out in our Slack.

Community projects

These are design projects we have initiated ourselves.

Bitcoin Design Guide

The primary project we are working on, a resource for designers to create better Bitcoin products faster.

Bitcoin icon set

Icons for typical needs of Bitcoin applications. Includes common generic icons like arrows, and more unique ones like a wallet, keys, mining, and Bitcoin symbols.

Bitcoin UI Kit

A complete design system to serve as a foundation for wallet concepts, prototypes and application development.


For a full list, see our collaboration board.


A watch-only coordinator for multi-signature and single-key Bitcoin wallets.


Manage your Bitcoin and Lightning node on the go.

Hello Bitcoin

Your friendly place to learn about bitcoin.

Bitcoin Smiles

Raising bitcoin for dentistry treatments.


Lightning buzz for your Browser.