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We don’t just chat about design. We also actively improve design in the bitcoin ecosystem. Projects launched by community members often focus on creating design resources.

With collaborations, some of us try to help other bitcoin projects improve their products’ design and user experience. For more details, see our Collaboration and Project documents. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out directly to the projects below, or reach out in our Discord.

Community projects

These are some of the design projects we have initiated ourselves.

Bitcoin Design Guide

The primary project we are working on, a resource for designers to create better bitcoin products faster.

Bitcoin UI Kit

A complete design system to serve as a foundation for wallet concepts, prototypes and application development.

Bitcoin Icon set

Icons for typical needs of bitcoin applications. Includes common generic icons like arrows, and more unique ones like a wallet, keys, mining, and bitcoin symbols.

Bitcoin UX Research Toolkit

Build human-centric bitcoin products for everyone with this practical guide and toolbox for user research.

Bitcoin Design Foundation

An initiative to make the community and its efforts sustainable.

When Taproot

Promote broader adoption of Taproot.

Bitcoin QR

Help get unified QR codes adopted for smoother payment flows.


Promoting adoption of BOLT 12 and Async Payments for better lightning experiences.


We organized a hackathon for designers.

Bitcoin Design Sprints

This project from 2022 was about improving lightning network wallets through applying the design guide, design thinking and problem solving.


For a more complete list of current and past collaborations, see our collaboration board.

Wallet Scrutiny

Redesign of an important security resource.

Saving Satoshi

A sci-fi epic that teaches you bitcoin coding.

Summer of Bitcoin

We support and mentor students in this educational initiative.


Alby brings Bitcoin to the web with in-browser payments and identity, no account required.

Bitcoin Core app

Building an application that lets users easily run full bitcoin nodes.

Bitcoin Smiles

Raising bitcoin for dentistry treatments.


A web UI for JoinMarket, for creating private bitcoin transactions called CoinJoins.


Zeus is an open-source, non-custodial bitcoin wallet that gives you full control over how you make payments.

Learn about the lightning network, post your apps on the market, and join our hackathons.

Stratum V2

Stratum V2 is the next generation protocol for pooled mining.

Hello Bitcoin

Hello Bitcoin is a volunteer-run project with the simple goal of helping people learn about bitcoin in a way that is friendly and accessible.

Adding a project or collaboration

The Bitcoin Design Community is intentionally only loosely organized. This makes it difficult to define specific rules of what is a community effort and what isn’t. Best approach is to get consensus by asking in the #general channel in Discord or opening an issue in the meta repo on Github.